Price is a make or break aspect of any service, cleaning or other. In our case, adequate pricing is crucial simply because even the best cleaning solution out there would be rendered useless for its intended customers if it isn’t priced correctly.

Luckily though, we have a dedicated bunch of people here at Carpet Cleaning Twickenham who have their finger on the pulse of things and keep our service prices in check. We believe our service pricing is fair and competitive, and within reach of all households and businesses. With us people are guaranteed to receive optimal value for money and best possible price given the scale and complexity of their cleaning needs.

We prepare accurate quotes and fair prices which reflect the specs of the job without the burden of hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges. We consider such practices highly unprofessional and stay well clear. If we need to amend a given quote/price we will do so only after informing and receiving customer consent. Our service pricing is regularly adjusted to reflect changes and trends in the market and the industry as a whole so customers can rest assured they are not being overcharged in any shape or form.