Special deals we have in store are a great way to shave off a few quid from an already low price so why not take advantage of our discounts and specials today!

Good value for money is one of the things we are most serious about.

We would like for our customers to receive the most amount of cleaning for the least amount of money – and we do make it happen through a range of special discounts, preferential pricing and limited time offers. Most of our discounts and specials are permanent fixtures, however some services come with limited or one time price-slashes which are not to be missed!

We also run many weekly, monthly and seasonal specials so keep an eye on our website for the latest offers. The company offers preferential pricing to all regular customers and clients who request multiple or large scale cleaning. We also encourage customers to combine services into what we call packages or bundles. A service bundle will provide excellent value for money and lots of cleaning for a very reasonable amount of money. Our advisors will help you choose and format selected services in order to get the most cleaning for your money.