Contact Us

Being in touch with your favourite carpet cleaners in Twickenham is easy and hassle-free.

You could use on of our main contact methods below:

Call: 020 8077 8735

Email: [email protected]

We understand how important it is for customers to stay in contact with us so we keep all the channels open. Effective two way communication with customers makes us a reliable and trustworthy business – something we are quite serious about. Our private and business clients can get in touch with us by phone, email or online – we don’t mind so choose and use the type of contact you feel most comfortable with. Although we support active communication, we keep unnecessary phone calls and the endless ping pong of emails to a minimum, we only contact you when we really need to.

  • By phone – if you wish to speak to us directly, please do so on 020 8077 8735, you will get through to a real person right away, no automated menus and no button pushing. Our office lines are open seven days a week, including public holidays from (8 AM to 7 PM). When contacting us out of business hours, or requesting a call back please be sure to give us a valid phone number, and to let us know when the best time to ring you is.
  • By email – in case you prefer to jot us a line, please write to us using the booking form. Incoming email queries are handled by a number of staff so we will get back to you without any delays, in most cases that would take us no longer than 30 minutes. By email, customers can make a booking directly, request service and pricing information and/or inquire about general information.
  • Online – in case you wish to stay in touch with us online, you can use our live chat app which launches automatically with our website. The live chat is monitored in real time by our customer assistants so you receive the details and information required right away. Alternatively, or when contacting us online out of business hours, please refer to the booking/query form seen here. Again, we will need a valid contact number and a suitable time/day of the week to call you.

We do our best to respond to emails and queries as soon as physically possible but we get pretty busy at times, so please bear with us for the time being – one of us will get back to you promptly.