About Us

Well, our founding story isn’t the most adventurous tale out there but nevertheless it’s worth telling.

Forgive us for not filling up the About Us section of our website with superlative stories of amazing success and so forth, but instead we wanted to tell you who we are and what we stand for without the sugar coating. So here goes – Carpet Cleaning Twickenham is a professional service provider specialising in a number of technical and demanding cleaning solutions. We have been quite clear as to what we wanted to become from day one, and that was – an efficient and trusted company, one that people could actually rely on to get the job done right. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong – being a reliable and reputable operation is not easy as it takes dedication, punctuality, sacrifice and lots of training and experience.

We decided to put in the hard yards though and devoted ourselves to getting the business off the ground.

Our efforts paid off and not long after our initial push we began reaping what we had sewn – the return customers we began seeing meant that we were doing things right, and we were very happy about it. Instead of riding the wave though we pushed on innovating, developing and expanding our scope of expertise with new and better services. We have always believed that improvement is the path to success, for us standing still is equal to going backwards, and was never part of the equation. It hasn’t been all smiles for us though as along the way we have had some bumps and bruises but nothing that we couldn’t cope with. Our tenacity and professionalism were seen and appreciated by customers, many of whom we now call friends. We would like to thank our most valuable assets – that being our customers, for the trust they have invested in Carpet Cleaning Twickenham and their continuing support.

Our promise to you still stands, as strong as it was on day one – we are committed to providing homes and businesses with the best possible cleaning services at the best possible price, with the best possible deals. Some people might see this as an over the top statement from a bunch of house cleaners, but we don’t care because we stand behind our work and results, and give our best each and every time. We don’t know what the future has in store, but one thing is certain – we will keep on doing what we do best, and you know what that is.